Posted 3 months ago  Had a prompt for an object pony, so I decided why not make a pony out of objects.

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Gearing up for our first story arc, coming soon to a monitor near you! Stay tuned, web heads!

Haha, been waiting for this blog to start up again!

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Man, I lost this laser pointer for months!

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>Random anon tells you to make a “Loss” comic.

>Hail him as a genius.

I guess Mac loves him some Colts after all!

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It always irked me that the mini figures never came with accessories. 

I guess if you want something bad enough you just have to go make it yourself!

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While at the store the other day I noticed some of the new sets came in.

Naturally I panicked and grabbed as many as I could.  A normal response I would assume to this situation.

The quality seems to be improving on the toys a lot.

But then, Nightmare Moon…

Whose a silly pony?

According to Hasbro, she is.

Look at that tiny head!

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Please read: Due to a high amount of pony blogs on Tumblr, we are creating a new Tumblr dedicated to ponies. If you reblog this by December 1st, you will secure your URL in the new Pony Tumblr. People have been asking for it, and this is what we are doing.









About as legit as playin’ the stocks durin’ the Great Depression.

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If it turns out not true, I’ll just delete this ^^

*notices source* oh god *reblogs

(i need dis. sorry for reblog) 

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I will laugh if this is legit.

(Source: staff)

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I aint dead yet.

But I did get bored and go “Hey, I should make a dress, something I have never tried before.” 

"What could possibly go wrong?"

I think I have been asking myself that a lot.

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Doh, almost forgot, I am a master of evacuating, only taking the essentials!

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So, had a small evacuation today at the house because, apparently fire is dangerous.

Thankfully, nothing too serious happened and the toys everything is safe!